Artist Statement

     The majority of my pots are wheel thrown and altered functional forms with applied surface decoration.  Though I start with a standard thrown form, I manipulate the piece to add edges, corners, and angles.  The newly formed regions become the boundary lines where patterns are made.  I use found objects, handmade brushes, and other tools to create these often symmetrical spaces.  Before firing, I methodically apply a bold, but warm color palette.  Through this process, each final product has its own unique visual character, sometimes even taking on an overall look more akin to leather or metal than ceramic.                                                                                                          I’m fascinated by patterns, symmetrical geometry, and the natural repetition that surrounds us. The process of creating similar aspects in my work is the highlight in each piece.  The method, which involves the creation and investigation of the object and intuitively making decisions about its state, in the present moment, is calming and peaceful to me.  I am meticulous and I delight in being diligent about its craftsmanship and its own unique life, regardless of whether or not I think it will appeal to the masses.  I believe that there is something that is communicated to others through these altered forms and visual patterns that cannot be expressed in words, and ultimately hope that others do enjoy that experience!